Nordic nature hits new peak of popularity

Norway’s mountains seeing more visitors than ever
Never before have the mountains of Norway been more popular, the Norwegian Trekking Association claims, thanks to popular lifestyle and environmental trends.
Evolving widespread trends such as diet, getting back to nature and being active are combining with Norway’s fresh mountain air, public right of access and professional trail system.
The trekking association’s mountain cabins saw a record number of overnight stays (412,427, up 2.7%) in 2015 – and an all-time record for new memberships, exceeding 270,000 members.
“And that was in a year in which the weather and road conditions were somewhat challenging,” spokeswoman Christine Thune said.
“Norwegian mountains offer everything from the simple to the challenging and spectacular and attract both those who are used to the mountains and those who need a little bit of introduction and guidance. Both forms of outdoor recreation have become very trendy – I think one of the coolest things one can do nowadays is go into the mountains, regardless of the season or one’s age.”
There is also a growing interest in guided tours to the mountains, involving guides and short daytrips adapted for weekenders, wine clubs, women’s groups and business conferences.
NTB / The Local