Nordic region’s highest rated hotel chains

Chains with the most satisfied customers in the Nordic region announced

The top five hotel chains in the Nordic region are in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. That is the testimony of 10 000 Nordic business travel customers when they give their hotel recommendations to friends or colleagues. The research, analysis and consulting company Resegeometri’s independent Hotel Measurement 2011 survey shows that it’s locally situated niche hotel chains that offer customers the best hotel experience.
The top five hotel chains in the Nordic region, according to the survey, are Palace Kämp Group (net promoter score 65), Sokos Hotels (33), Arp-Hansen Hotels (31), Elite Hotels (28) and Suomen Holiday Club (25). The bigger chains with operations in all of the Nordic countries, such as Scandic, Hilton, Radisson Blu and Clarion Collection, are not quite reaching these ratings says Jan Borg, Resegeometri’s vice president.
The net promoter score is a method created by Fred Reichheld of the Harvard Business School, calculated by taking the percentage of customers who are “promoters” and subtract the percentage who are “detractors”. Another of the big chains in the Nordic region, Best Western, received a negative score in the survey, according to Resegeometri.
[pictured: Hotel Linna, Palace Kämp Group, Helsinki]