Nordic room provider links with Airbnb

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Business travellers in Nordics now “given more choice”

Nordic accommodation provider Forenom has initiated cooperation with the global online marketplace and hospitality service Airbnb, broadening the options of business travellers to stay in the Scandinavian countries.

Forenom, which calls itself a “market leader in long-term hotels and housing solutions for companies in the Nordic region”, now has the majority its accommodation also available via Airbnb, in an agreement that increases Airbnb’s range of year-round accommodation.

The collaboration starts immediately and involves “significant benefits to both Forenom and Airbnb customers”, bringing more than 5,000 homes Forenom has available to book direct on Airbnb, with the possibility for check-in 24 hours a day.

“More and more companies and business travellers have begun using Airbnb for their missions, but the supply in many Nordic cities has not really met demand. We can now proudly announce that Forenom joins forces with Airbnb to reach a wider customer group,” says Johannes Kangas, Forenom’s chief executive.

Tested in three cities
The availability of apartments is updated in real time on Airbnb’s platform and allows for direct booking throughout the day. Forenom’s customer service is available 24 hours a day to help with questions.

The integration of Forenom’s apartments has already been tested on Airbnb’s platform for three cities in Finland, “with successful results”. Thanks to this, cooperation is now being initiated that makes Forenom the largest host for Airbnb in the Nordic countries, according to the number of apartments. Forenom has 17 years’ experience as a provider of housing solutions for companies.

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