Nordic theme park shuts ride after tragedy

BonBon-Land in Denmark closes rafting ride as precaution
A popular rafting ride has been shut down at a Danish theme park, just two days before the end of its 2016 season, following a tragic accident on a similar ride in Australia.
BonBon-Land, an amusement park in Holme Olstrup, about 100km from Copenhagen, shut down its Beaver Rafting ride – the Nordics’ longest rafting ride – until an investigation into the accident at Dreamworld in Queensland has been completed.
Six-person boats are propelled forwards on a conveyor belt. The tragedy on the Thunder River Rapids ride in Australia occurred when two boats collided, killing four people. Two children were thrown from the boat but survived.
“At BonBon-Land, safety is always our top priority and we have therefore decided to close Beaver Rafting,” the park wrote on Facebook. “This is purely a proactive action in order to be 100% sure that this can’t happen with us. We adhere to all safety demands.”
Copenhagen Post

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