Nordic tourists help drive Lithuania stats

Lithuania sees 38% more Danes, 14% more Swedes
Accommodation stays in Lithuania grew by 11% in the first half of 2016, year-on-year, with around 1.2 million tourists staying during the January-to-June period.
There was a strong rise from almost all of the country’s “priority markets” including Denmark (+37.7%) and Sweden (+14%), France (+30%), Spain (+35%), Austria (+39.4%), the UK (12%), Germany (+7.1%) and Poland (+20.2%).
Lithuanians accounted for slightly less than half of the total (548,000), followed by neighbouring Belarus (76,500), then Germany (72,000) and Poland (70,000).
“The latest statistical data absolutely exceeds our expectations,” Jurgita Kazlauskienė, director general of the State Department of Tourism, said. “Figures for the peak tourism season of July, August and September will be received later. For now, the data we have is certainly encouraging.”
Visitors from non-EU countries are growing too, from Japan by 15.5%, from China by 8.6%, from Israel by 15.2 % and from the USA by 4.4%. Most of these also substantially prolonged their stay, such as Americans spending 27.8% more nights than last year.

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