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Single company’s activities include,,,
The two Danish travel media companies Scandinavian Travel Media and Travelmedia Nordic have agreed to merge the two companies’ activities, consisting of,, and, as well as the annual Danish Travel Awards, a prize ceremony for the travel and aviation industry.
The Scandinavian travel and aviation industry can look forward to more quality and increased timeliness in the ongoing flow of news from an industry that is constantly evolving. This will be possible through a merger of two travel media companies that jointly wish to maintain and develop a leading market position.
In practice, this means that the activities of Scandinavian Travel Media ApS will be transferred to Travelmedia Nordic ApS, which will become the continuing company as from 1 October 2017.
“There is increasing competition in the media market to attract the attention of advertisers and readers. Both companies are rooted in a solid customer portfolio in the Danish travel and aviation industry, and by reconciling forces we can create a more attractive product for both customers and readers,” says Ole Kirchert Christensen, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the media company.
Lars Thuesen, owner of Scandinavian Travel Media ApS, becomes a shareholder in Travelmedia Nordic ApS together with Ole Kirchert Christensen and Joakim J. Hvistendahl.
“I have long had a desire to future-proof the activities of Scandinavian Travel Media so that we can continue to deliver a quality product for the entire travel industry. I think this will be possible through this new agreement,” says Lars Thuesen, who also holds shareholdings in other companies in the travel and aviation industry.
Travelmedia Nordic will in the future publish four digital media for the professional travel and aviation market. These are, which focuses mainly on aviation, and this media will be supplemented by, and, all of which report on the travel industry in general. In addition, the company will be the organizer of the annual Danish Travel Awards, where the best companies in the travel and aviation industry are honored.
To the position of the new Chairman of the Board of Travelmedia Nordic, Travelmarket Managing Director Ole Stouby has been appointed. The other board members are Ole Kirchert Christensen, Joakim J. Hvistendahl, Lars Thuesen and Stig Thygesen.
“I see great potential in the merger between the strong industry media in the Scandinavian travel and aviation market. Synergies and optimized operations make it possible to create a market-leading digital player in the Nordic and Baltic countries,” says Ole Stouby.
Travelmedia Nordic will in the future be run from departments in Hobro and Copenhagen and with representation in Stockholm and Vilnius.
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