Nordic travellers’ 101 favourite destinations listed

Trends and travel habits of Nordic travellers found in new report
Spain is the destination with the best image in the Nordic countries in 2015, a new survey claims, climbing seven places from last year’s report. The USA and Scotland are ranked second and third, while London is the most popular destination for city breaks among Nordic travellers.
Travel Image 2015, a survey conducted by Related, shows that Spain is Nordic travellers’ favourite destination, taking over from last year’s winner New Zealand. London leads for city breaks, followed by New York and Paris.
The report also reveals that the Nordics remain a vibrant outbound travel market, with around 70% of people travelling from Scandinavia are planning to spend the same amount of money or more on travels in 2015 compared to 2014.
Interviews were made with more than 2,200 selected representative Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish respondents about their experience with or attitude towards 101 destinations in the world. Travel Image also lists each individual Nordic country’s favourite destinations. At the top are England for Swedes, New Zealand for Danes, the USA for Norwegians and Australia for Finns. But Spain ranks highest overall.
Commenting on Spain’s top position, Octavio González Manteca, director of the Spanish Tourist Board, explained: “This is a result of a process that has taken place over several years. We have seen a strong growth in offers and demand for trips to Spain. The number of direct flights has increased significantly as well as the variety of destinations within our country”.
More about the trends and travel habits of Nordic travellers can be found in the report, here.
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[pictured: Hiking Tenerife’s volcanic trails, Spain]