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Bluetooth and Spotify both come from Sweden. Photo:

Nordic values to raise region’s profile

‘The Nordics’ is launched as profile project aimed at positioning the region as a single entity.

In a new campaign said to turn traditional destination profiling upside down, the Nordic Council of Ministers aims to show a glimpse of Nordic values and innovations around the world.

On the digital platform developed by council, stories, films, facts and pictures are being gathered that show practical examples of common Nordic values.

The new profiling, which consists of five core values – trust, transparency, sustainability, innovation and gender equality – aims at improving opportunities for the Nordic region internationally by promoting a common image.

“The Nordic countries share certain values that are characterised by gender equality and openness,” said Margot Wallström, Sweden’s foreign minister and chairman of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic profile project changes the rules of the game by re-examining the usual destination marketing. Instead of opening up the region to the world, the aim is to showcase the Nordic region in the world.

“I believe in concrete measures. This is a very concrete way of sharing the Nordic values,” Wallström adds.

Nordic stories
In the newly opened website there are already over 40 Nordic stories – called Traces of North – from around the world. Nordic innovations such as Tetra Pak, Bluetooth, Spotify and Nils Bohlin’s three-point seatbelt, along with values like sustainability and gender equality, are seen for example in Bolivia, Somalia, the Philippines and Japan.

The campaign is open “to anyone in the world to act and bring forward their own initiatives by posting them on the digital platform or using the hash tags #TheNordics in social media”, the council of ministers stresses.

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