Nordics target 22% more Indian tourists

Nordic tourism bodies keep up India efforts
Scandinavia is looking for many more tourists from India who are interested in visiting the Nordic region this year. Sweden says that a 22% rise on 2014’s figure is perfectly feasible.
“We have a partnership with VisitNorway and VisitDenmark for our marketing efforts in India to create better impact, as we know that Indian travellers like to do round-trips and the three Scandinavian countries are a perfect combination,” said Lotta Thiringer of VisitSweden.
The effort focuses on experienced travellers who take at least two trips abroad a year, she added.
“Both business and leisure travel has increased in the last few years. In 2014, we had 155,203 bed nights spent by Indian travellers, which was an increase of 22% from the preceding year. We are expecting continued growth from the Indian market in 2016.”
Indian travellers contributed 157,444 commercial bed nights from January to October 2015, and 2016 is likely to follow the same pattern.
“We are looking at those travellers who are curious to discover new places, cultures and cities. Our focus lies on the leisure traveller, mainly from the metros. This year, we went to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, and 2016 will be the same,” Thiringer said.
Economic Times

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