North Korea to host first ever travel trade fair?

Event to take place at Kumgang mountain resort in May
North Korea is planning what appears to be its first ever international tourism fair in May. It will take place close to the South Korean border at the Kumgang mountain resort, which was developed by South Korea’s Hyundai Asan and opened in 1998 but has seen only a trickle of visitors over the years.
According to South Korean news agency Yonhap News, Chinese media quote O Ung-gil, general manager of North Korea’s Wonsan Area Development, as saying that the event will take place. At a travel trade fair in Shenyang, O said that North Korea “always opens its doors to investors and welcomes investors.”
Travel agencies with operations in the isolated country told TTG Asia that rumours of the event are circulating.
“The details are a bit sparse at the moment but we are waiting for the final information on what exactly can be expected,” said Simon Cockerell, general manager of Beijing-based Koryo Tours. “They have not had a tourism fair like this before, although in 2013 there was an event for the 60th anniversary of the Korea International Travel Company. But that was essentially a conference for the travel organisation’s partner companies.”
Koryo Tours is considering taking part in the fair because it believes that there is “room for growth” in what is presently a small, niche market.
TTG Asia
[pictured: The path to Kuryoung Falls; photo by: winged_eel, on World66; Creative Commons license]