Northern Lights attract more visitors to Nordics

Expedia conducts marketing activities with Nordic hotels
In cooperation with hotel partners in the Nordic countries, the Expedia group has been conducting marketing activities using the Northern Lights to attract more international visitors for the third year in a row – and this year is seeing a large rise in searches for the region.
The Aurora Borealis continues to fascinate and attract more international visitors to northern latitudes. According to Visit Sweden, for example, the number of Indian tourists has more than doubled in five years and the Northern lights is a strong product for them.
Immediately after the summer, Expedia began a campaign in partnership with more than 130 hotels in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, including the use of pictures of the Northern Lights and deals the hotels put forward.
Iceland attracts the most searches – three times as Sweden. Reykjavik, specifically, experienced a 300% rise in hotel searches during the campaign.
During the merchandising campaign, the highest number of international searches for Northern Lights hotels came from the UK, followed by Germany, Italy and France.
British and German tourists also booked the farthest from the date of stay, at 45 and 43 days ahead, respectively. That compares to people from the Nordics who booked their Northern Lights hotel stays just 19 to 24 days ahead. Italians, Brits and the French also stay the longest on their Northern Lights trip, at more than 2.5 nights, compared with Swedes who stayed just 1.5 days.
The campaign ran on and Expedia sites in Europe from September 22 to October 19 in 2015 for stay dates of November 1 to 31 March 2016.
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