Norway’s most amazing hiking cabins

New cabin in Hemnes has big windows overlooking glacier

The Norwegian Trekking Association recently opened the Rabot Cabin, a dramatic and contemporary mountain hideaway named after French geographer Charles Rabot. Located in Hemnes and designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter, it is as spectacular as the surrounding landscape. Big windows overlook the Okstindbreen glacier.

Norway has many other stunning walkers’ cabins. The 20-bed Mount Skåla tower, voted the most original tourist cabin by visitors, sits on a 1,843-metre peak with views over fjords and glaciers.

Open only in spring and summer, the two grass-roofed Breidablik Cabins are built from stone carried up a 1,160m mountain.

The Preikstolen Tree Camp has five pods that each sleep up to three people. Made from steel frames wrapped in canvas, with wooden floors inside, the pods are connected by a hanging walkway. Nearby, the Preikestolen base camp, which looks like a lobster trap, is rigged to a cliff face.

And two cabins between the Horndalen and the Kjøvdalen valley were built without nails but are described as so solid “it’ll stand till Doom’s Day”.

The Guardian

[pictured: Rabot Cabin in Norway; photo by Svein Arne Brygfjeld/Norwegian Trekking Association]


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