Norway considers new tourist tax

Nordland politicians unite behind initiative
A tourist tax is being suggested by some of Norway’s politicians to help local communities deal with so many visitors.
Inbound tourism has risen sharply since Disney’s animated 2013 movie Frozen, which was developed with the support of Norway’s tourism agency. But the attention could be getting too much for Norway’ attractions to cope with, the politicians say.
Recent news about safety concerns at spots like the famous Pulpit Rock and roadside toilets in need of maintenance have spurred leaders of various parties in the Nordland region to unite behind a new tourist tax to finance the maintenance needed.
At the moment, the Norwegian state gives funds to local municipalities based on the number of permanent residents. This means more isolated destinations that have seen tourist numbers skyrocket, such as the Lofoten islands, are at a disadvantage.
Further south, the idea is also rumoured to be catching hold in the region of Western Norway.
NTB / The Local