Norway fines guide for scaring bear

Tour guide fined €1,300 for walking towards polar bear
Usually it’s people who are scared of wild animals, but in Norway’s distant north a tour guide has been fined €1,300 for scaring off a polar bear.
The incident occurred on a snowmobile expedition in the Svalbard archipelago in May, when a group of tourists spotted a bear standing still about 900 metres away. Their guide went to take a closer look and the animal ran off.
“The regulations say that it is forbidden to approach polar bears in such a way that they are disturbed, regardless of the distance,” the Svalbard governor’s office declared.
Twice the size of Belgium and 1,600 kilometres above the North Pole, Svalbard is home to almost a thousand polar bears – a protected species since 1973. Five fatal attacks on people have been recorded in 40 years.
AFP [photo courtesy WWF]

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