Norway has Europe’s busiest city air routes

Trondheim-Oslo had 49 average daily movements in 2012

Norway has three of the ten busiest routes between cities in Europe, according to a report by Eurocontrol, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. And the strongest of these routes, Trondheim/Vaernes to Oslo/Gardermoen, saw one of the biggest increases in inter-city traffic in Europe in 2012, growing 4.3% to 49 average daily movements in both directions. Norway’s other two routes in the top ten are Oslo-Bergen (48 average daily movements, down 2.2%) and Oslo-Stavanger (44 average daily movements, up 2%).
The busiest city pair for flight traffic, Barcelona-Madrid Barajas, had 62 average daily movements in 2012, but this was a 19.1% decrease on the previous year. The second busiest, Istanbul-Izmir, had 59 average daily movements in 2012, a 12.5% increase on 2011, meaning that it could become the busiest route in 2013.
[photo courtesy Trondheim Airport]

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