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Photo: Tromsø Ice Domes

Norway hotels profit in the north, decline in the south

Tromsø is by far the most profitable place in Norway to have a hotel in winter, new figures reveal.

Tromsø is the most profitable place in Norway to have a hotel, the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv writes. Rooms in the city in the far north were twice as profitable as those in the capital in February.

Accommodation income in Tromsø stood at NOK 1,275 (€131) per available room last month, a climb of just over 20% from the same month last year.

If fees and breakfast are added, this means that on average guests would have paid over NOK 1500 on average to stay one night in the city.

Occupancy there increased from just under 90% last year to almost 93% this February – by far the highest in the country and testimony to the increasing number of visitors coming from afar in search of the northern lights, the newspaper speculates.

“The Tromsø numbers are quite wild,” says Peter Wiederstrøm, who crunches figures in the hospitality industry each month for the Stockholm-based Benchmarking Alliance Nordic, whose stats Dagens Næringsliv is citing.

“For example, there was not a single day there in February with less than NOK 1250 for the average room price. And although there are more than twice as many available hotel rooms in the Stavanger region as Tromsø, almost as many rooms were sold in the two cities.”

The second most profitable place to have a hotel in Norway in winter is also in the north. In Bodø, the income excluding VAT and breakfast was NOK 699 per room, 16% higher than last year, but still far behind Tromsø.

Southern decline
Oslo with Fornebu comes next in the list followed by Gardermoen, with revenues of NOK 604 and 584 per room, respectively, down 12% and 5% from the same month the year before.

At the bottom of the list is Kristiansand, where accommodation income per available hotel room on average was just NOK 318, a decline of 17%.

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