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Norway in despair at foreign driver fines

Police admit that they are unable to chase fines among drivers in cars with foreign number plates.

Police in Norway admit that they are failing to prosecute speeding drivers in cars with foreign number plates. More than 15,000 fines issued to, for example, cars going over the speed limit remain unpaid from last year.

“Of course there is a photograph of the vehicle, but we don’t have any direct access to motor registers from all countries,” Kjellbjørn Riise Johansen from the Møre and Romsdal police district, told NRK news.

“This means that the fines will remain unpaid in our system until we can identify the owner of the car.”

More than 15,000 such cases were filed last year with non-Scandinavian vehicles and drivers – a problem that some politicians think could undermine road safety.

No limit
“The situation is completely hopeless,” complains Jenny Klinge, who is on the Standing Committee on Justice.

“It’s bad enough that foreign drivers get a competitive edge because they drive faster. This will, in practice, cause foreign drivers not to worry about speed limits in the same way as the rest of us, which can create more dangerous traffic situations.”

The Transport and Communications Committee will now follow up on the matter with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Norway Today reports. The committee wants a pan-European register to be set up that can make speeding fines a lot more effective.

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