Norway launches 3D welcome at its airports

A different welcome meets tourists visiting Norway
Innovation Norway and airport operator Avinor say they want travellers arriving in Norway to feel especially welcome and have developed an art installation and 3D animated movie to do exactly that at Oslo Gardermoen Airport.
The new installation, launched on June 18, creates great expectations of their stay in Norway. It gives them an audio-visual and emotional impression of what Norway has to offer in its culture, nature and trade. It is expected to be seen by an estimated one million people each month.
“We create valuable connections. We connect Norway together with the rest of the world, and this is something we wanted this project to reflect,” explains Avinor’s administrative director Dag Falk-Petersen.
The 3D installation is part of a bigger national project, called Gateway to Norway, and it will be launched at all of the country’s biggest airports in Norway by September. The installations will change to reflect the seasons and regions of the country. The film can be seen here.
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