Norway pushes Viking sites for Unesco list

Burial grounds and a set of quarries nominated

Norway is trying to persuade Unesco to list Viking burial grounds and a set of quarries as World Heritage sites, in an effort to attract more tourists to the country.

There are four suggestions for inclusion: the Borre cemetery, the Oseberg and Gokstad ship burial sites and the Hyllestad millstone quarries on Norway’s western coast.

“These nominations will not be rejected by Unesco if we carry out solid preparation, and Norway is being thorough,” Norway’s minister for climate and environment, Tine Sundtoft, told the newspaper Aftenposten.

The four places form part of Unesco’s Viking Monuments and Sites series, which also includes heritage in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany and Latvia.

Norway, which already has seven World Heritage sites, is also nominating the 19th century industrial towns Rjukan and Notodden.

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[pictured: Oseberg longship]

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