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Norway road agency buys safety vests for tourists

Tourists driving through scenic Lofoten will often stop at dangerous spots to take photos.

Tourists journeying by car through beautiful places will often stop to take photos, often at dangerous spots. In an effort to improve safety, Norway’s public roads administration Statens vegvesen has ordered 800 safety vests to give to car rental companies in the scenic and ever-popular Lofoten area.

The agency is worried that the increasing numbers of tourists in the region stop their cars “anywhere” to snap a photo.

“They often stop in places that are not easy to see, and when everyone in the car gets out to take photographs, dangerous situations for traffic can result,” Jørn Simonsen, the administration’s department director tells broadcaster NRK.

Every day, Nordland’s police force receives reports of unsafe driving and dangerous parking by tourists.

More than one per car
Vehicles currently have to include one safety vest, a measure Simonsen says needs to be improved.

“That is not enough when a whole travel group wants to get out of the car to take photographs. So we have now bought vests so that all passengers will have access to them.”

The traffic authority is also working on a road safety information booklet to be translated into several languages, The Local reports.

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