Norway to build first-ever ship tunnel

Ships the size of Hurtigruten’s coastal ferries will pass through
Norway says it will fully finance the construction of the world’s first shipping tunnel, bypassing one of the most dangerous peninsulas for vessels on the Norwegian coast.
In addition to providing a safer route for passenger and cargo ships, the Stad Ship Tunnel should also become a popular tourist attraction. An overhead bridge will serve as a viewing platform for the public.
Workers will blast through 1.7 kilometres of rock at the Stad Peninsula’s narrowest point, allowing ships the size of Hurtigruten’s coastal ferries to safely navigate.
While the tunnel is not expected to take much time off the normal route, it will make navigation safer through the dangerous Stadhavet Sea where the North and Norwegian seas meet. More than 100 storm days a year are experienced in the area, infamous for its combination of wind, currents and waves.
The Norwegian government has approved the full NOK 2.7 billion (€293 million) in funds needed for the project. Construction could take up to four years from 2018, but the overall project could span more than a decade.
NRK / gCaptain

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