Norway to scrap air passenger tax

But the tax will remain in place for a while yet
Norway’s governing Høyre party says it wants to scrap an airline tax that resulted in the closure of Oslo Rygge Airport last year.
At its national conference, the party said it plans to replace the flat-rate tax “and replace it with a tax that has a more clear environmental effect”, the newspaper Dagbladet reports.
The original tax of NOK 80 plus VAT (€8.70) per passenger for all flights leaving Norway was part of the budget agreed in November 2015 and was implemented in June 2016.
It has contributed NOK 1.6 million in revenues for the state so far. But the tax will remain in place for now.
The party’s finance policy spokesman Svein Flåtten said he didn’t believe that any other tax would have prevented Rygge’s closure.
He clarified that “the proposal accepted by the party is to swap one charge for another that will be more based on environmental considerations. […] So now Høyre must take this further and start negotiations with other parties on a governmental platform for the next parliamentary period.”
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