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Galdhøpiggen (photo: Atvelonis/Wikimedia Commons)

Norway tourism gets “slow TV” boost

Tomorrow, a seven-hour climb up Norway’s highest mountain will be broadcast minute-by-minute.

Having already filmed the entire journey from Oslo to Bergen and a ferry trip in Norway in real time, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK is now giving the country’s highest mountain the slow TV treatment, The Local reports.

The film will be broadcast alongside surprisingly popular productions such as burning a fire, knitting a sweater and the reindeer migration.

Most recently, the well-known adventurer Lars Monsen led a group of hikers through Norway’s national parks, where there is no electricity and no internet, filming the treks minute by minute.

Such filming brings technical challenges, the equipment having to be as light as possible, powered by battery and waterproof – and somehow getting out the TV signal live from areas with no internet at all.

But the places visited claim to have reported a tourism boost.

“Approximately two thirds of Norway’s population tuned in to watch parts of the 100-hour broadcast,” project manager Thomas Hellum said.

“The tourism boards in some of the regions we visited even reports an increase in visitors since the show aired from their area and members of our audience.”

Thursday’s climb
So tomorrow a TV crew and team of volunteers will climb Galdhøpiggen, Norway’s highest peak at 2,469 metres above sea level, about 100 kilometres northwest of Lillehammer, broadcasting every second of what is estimated to be a seven-hour journey.

Despite its height, the mountain is not especially gruelling and two groups of schoolchildren are also taking part. The broadcast will start at 09:30 on NRK2 and online at

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