Norway’s most spectacular road reopens

Parts of Trollstigen mountain road open for summer
Parts of the Trollstigen mountain road have opened for the summer. One of Norway’s most spectacular mountain roads, the winding Trolls’ Path, allowed cars to attempt its tricky curves.
The whole of the 106-kilometre road is not open just yet as parts remain closed due to avalanche risk. But cars are now able to attempt the stretch between Slettvikane and Stigrøra. The mountain plateau overlooking the hairpin curves is also open. But when the rest can open is not yet certain.
“We are still waiting for Bispefonna [a large mountain snow mass]. Either a landslide needs to happen or it needs to stabilise and melt before it is safe to have traffic in turns,” said Kaj-André Sæther Døving of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
Motorists and tourists are advised to follow traffic announcements before visiting the road, which snakes around 11 hairpin bends, passes the Stigfossen Waterfall and offers breathtaking views of western Norway.
Romsdals Budstikke / NTB / The Local

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