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Photo: Svein Ingvald Opdal/Instagram

Norwegian, 71, in naked anti-cruise protest

A local resident has had enough of the ever-increasing number of large ships passing by his house.

More than 11,000 cruise ship passengers sailed by the Norwegian village of Olden one recent weekend – too many for one 71-year-old local resident.

He has decided to take a stand, with a light-hearted protest against the rising tide of passing cruise vessels – posing naked in his garden in full view of the ships’ passengers.

Svein Ingvald Opdal, who is also a local politician for Norway’s Green Party, told state broadcaster NRK that he flashed the boats as “a spontaneous act that I did mostly for fun”, The Local reports.

To raise the profile of the protest against so many cruises passing by his holiday home in the fjords, he posted a photo to Instagram of himself baring all.

Not thrilled
“We arrived at Olden earlier on Wednesday and we immediately came across three major cruises ships,” he said. “We later realised there were 11,000 [cruise ship passengers] in total, and I’m not all that thrilled about these big cruise ships.”

More and more cruise ships moored by the picturesque small town as the week progressed. When two more came early on Sunday morning, he asked his wife to photograph him standing naked on his terrace.

“She didn’t want to post it on her Instagram or Facebook page, so I did it myself,” he declared.

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