Norwegian apologies for pilot shortage

Kjos admits to “terrible” situation for passengers
Bjørn Kjos, owner and chief executive of Norwegian, has apologised to passengers whose holiday and travel plans were ruined by a series of recent cancellations.
The cancellations came about because of a severe pilot shortage at the airline this summer, something Norwegian was aware of back in December. Kjos said that this and other factors such as strikes in France forced it to axe the flights.
“When we have low staffing levels and the simultaneous strikes in France, that’s when things go wrong,” he said.
The crew shortage he blamed on planning too few pilot courses and on the fact that the carrier’s holiday buy-back agreement with pilots was scrapped after 14 years. The airline now pledges to train 275 new pilots this year.
“We had not taken that into account,” Kjos said. “It has been absolutely terrible, and it’s very unfortunate for those who have experienced cancellations.”
NTB / The Local

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