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Norwegian arrested for “pornographic” party

Cambodian police raid a villa rented by tourists and foreign workers in Siem Reap.

Ten tourists including a 22-year-old Norwegian have been arrested in Cambodia, accused of performing, in the words of local officials, “pornographic” dance and song.

In the widely reported case, Cambodian police raided a villa rented by tourists and foreign workers in Siem Reap last Thursday. They arrested a Norwegian, five Brits, two Canadians, a New Zealander and a Dutchman.

As many as 87 partygoers were interrogated.

According to police, pictures of the parties, where participants paid between $10 and $15 to get in, were shared on social media showing young people undressed and paired on the dancefloor.

The foreigners could get up to one year in prison, prosecutor Samrith Sokhon said. “Anyone who produces pornographic material is opposed to Cambodian culture,” he explained.

The head of Cambodia’s government department for human trafficking and the protection of minors, Duong Tavry, said that some of the detainees had been in the country for several months, adding: “We arrested them because they have committed activities against our culture”.

“He’s a nice boy”
The mother of the arrested Norwegian told the newspaper Dagbladet, “He’s a nice boy. The charges sounds like something that could have happened to anyone.” Norway’s diplomats are working to clarify the matter.

Cambodia’s authorities have come down hard on tourists and foreign workers in recent years, especially on wearing bikinis and taking part in pub crawls in Siem Reap.

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