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Norwegian aircraft on the ground (photo: Norwegian)

Norwegian blasted for massive delay

Passengers describe how they were kept on the tarmac for 11 hours with little information and almost nothing to eat or drink.

Passengers on a Norwegian plane from London to Oslo were held on board on the tarmac at Gatwick for over ten hours. Now they are seeking big compensation claims.

The passengers are claiming up to NOK 50,000 (€5,200) each after the experience on flight D82803 on August 10. They were booked to depart at 13:00 but finally arrived at Oslo Gardermoen at 02:00 the following morning, the newspaper Aftenposten writes.

The company is accused of supplying incorrect information, unnecessarily keeping the passengers in the cabin and lack of food.

Failure to provide the compensation within a six-week deadline in any case entitles them to compensation of up to €5,000 per passenger, through the EU body handling airline passengers’ rights.

A spokesperson for the airline, Tonje Næss, has promised to take the demands seriously. She writes in an email to the newspaper that the company “fully understands that the passengers on this flight had a bad experience and we are sorry”.

She adds that “the reasons why there were so many complex problems were because, unfortunately, most of the things that could go wrong did go wrong and Gatwick was closed due to very bad weather in London.”

Angry letter
A total of 58 of the passengers have signed a letter including biting criticism of Norwegian. They were kept on board for hour after hour, due to, they were told, thunderstorms, queues on the runway, a change of crew and because passengers wanted to leave the plane.

The passengers say there was little or no information from the crew and that the first announcement about food and drink came after six hours, despite countless requests from passengers, who included children and the elderly. According to the passengers, the crew replied to questions with “sarcastic comments”.

After four-and-a-half hours they each got a bottle of water, after six hours a choice of bag of crisps or a brownie – then another six hours without food or drink.