Norwegian CEO: 787 is “fantastic aircraft”

Boeing flies in to change design of hydraulic pump



“I think the Dreamliner is going to be a fantastic aircraft,” Bjorn Kjos, chief executive of Norwegian, tells Reuters news agency. “We know from the one that has flown very well so far, that it is performing fantastic” on fuel savings “and passengers love it.”

He confirms that Boeing has changed the design of a hydraulic pump that controls the flaps. The pump had caused problems on one of its two 787s, forcing the airline to take it out of service for two weeks. Boeing sent 15 people from Seattle to work on the plane in Stockholm.

Kjos adds: “Obviously it is no good that the passengers are delayed for 12 hours. You shouldn’t accept that. So I am angry on behalf of the passengers. But I know Boeing will fix this aircraft. They have the resources to fix it and they know how to fix it.”

And: “Nothing can substitute a Dreamliner. I’m totally convinced that we made the right decision when we went for the Dreamliner.”

The interview marks an obvious change in tone for the airline, which had previously said the “Dreamliner has proven to be more of a nightmare for airlines relying on this new craft, especially Norwegian Air Shuttle.”


[photo courtesy Norwegian]