Norwegian crew walks off, plane flies anyway

Authorities investigate incident triggered by approaching storm
A Norwegian aircraft flew on a scheduled long-haul route with half of its cabin crew missing, it has been revealed. An investigation is looking into why the airline chose to fly the plane even though four of the nine cabin crew refused to get on board.
Following an argument about an approaching snowstorm on January 26, the four employees refused to work. But the pilot and his skeleton crew went ahead with the New York-Stockholm flight anyway, with 196 passengers on board.
Norway’s aviation authorities say it is against the rules to fly with a reduced number of cabin crew. But Tomas Hesthammer, head of Norwegian’s flight operations, told the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet that five cabin crew for 196 passengers fulfils the minimum conditions.
The airline’s communications chief, Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, underlined the point to Swedish news agency TT: “The pilot has the main responsibility for security on board and he is the one who makes the call whether it’s safe to fly or not. That’s not a task for the cabin crew.”
The Local
[photo courtesy Norwegian]

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