Norwegian, Finnair join Ryanair, BA, LH, AF

New alliance could see traffic fed from Ryanair to Norwegian
Norwegian says it will join the new alliance Airlines for Europe (A4E), which was recently established by Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, IAG’s British Airways and Iberia, and rival low-cost carriers Ryanair and easyJet. Finnair has also announced it will join the alliance.
The arrangement could see Ryanair flights feeding into Norwegian’s long-haul routes.
“Norwegian has always believed in healthy competition among airlines to create more choice and lower fares for passengers. But we also firmly believe in an industry where low-cost and network carriers can unite to tackle the many issues we all face together,” explained Norwegian CEO Bjørn Kjos.
“We are delighted to join Airlines for Europe to add our voice to the important debate about the huge challenges and opportunities our industry faces in the future.”
Rumours had been circulating that Norwegian and Ryanair were working on a feeder deal where the Irish carrier’s many short-distance routes slot in to Norwegian’s unique and evolving low-cost long-haul routes.
“We have said that we are interested in cooperation with companies that can feed traffic into our long-distance routes, particularly at London Gatwick. Ryanair is an example of an operator that may be relevant for this,” Norwegian spokesman Lass Sandaker-Nielsen told the Norwegian online business newspaper E24.
Accounting for more than half of Europe’s passenger journeys, A4E launched in January.
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