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Norwegian first in Argentina with free inflight wi-fi

Starting now, Norwegian Air Argentina says it is offering free wi-fi on its domestic flights – the first in the country to do so.

Norwegian has started to offer free on-board wi-fi for all of its domestic flights in Argentina – making it the first airline to offer the service in the country.

Passengers wanting to send emails, use social networks or watch a movie or TV series during the flight can now do so from their own electronic devices, connecting them to the airline’s internal system and satellite connection.

“The service is active from today and will be active in the future throughout our fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft, for domestic flights, in the same way the airline has done for its European flights since 2011,” said Ole Christian Melhus, Norwegian Air Argentina’ chief executive and chief operating officer.

“For Norwegian Air Argentina, it is very important and satisfying to offer our passengers the opportunity to work, read news, send emails or watch a series while they’re in flight,” he added.

“It is a product that no other airline offers in the country, which gives us a very relevant competitive advantage. We want our passengers to be better connected in every way, both because of our growing network of destinations and because of the technology we offer.”

Food via device
Passengers can surf the net while flying once they reach an altitude of 10,000 feet, which is when the connection to Norwegian Internet Access is enabled.

The network is connected to an internal system that also offers an on-board entertainment programme that includes television series, movies, games and – “very soon” – a food and beverage purchasing service.

Each plane in the ‘fleet’, which just received a second Boeing 737-800 aircraft that is less than 18 months old, has an antenna mounted on the fuselage that communicates via satellite and allows the operation of the internet.

Inside the cabin there are two wi-fi networks, one for passengers, the other for the pilots and cabin crew so that the airline says their work during the flight is “as simple and efficient as possible”.

Norwegian Air Argentina operates daily flights from the capital Buenos Aires to both Córdoba and Mendoza, joined since Monday November 19 by routes to Neuquén and Iguazú. The frequency of daily flights to Mendoza also increases this week, from one to three per day.

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