Norwegian forces game-change at Emirates

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Tech revolution and “three or four” types of economy class
Emirates may introduce a number of different economy classes to help fight off low-cost long-haul competitors, its president has said.
“The economics are probably more difficult, but it is clear that the place for long-haul low-cost is there,” Sir Tim Clark said at the Aviation Festival in London.
Emirates could create “three or four” types of economy class on its fleet of A380s. Sales would be via a sophisticated new digital platform that would allow the airline to offer a basic economy product with optional ancillaries.
This would help it to match the low base price that carriers such as Norwegian offer.
Emirates has ready-made low-cost feed from sister carrier flydubai at its hub, Clark added, acknowledging that a low-cost revolution was underway.
The Middle Eastern carrier has been forced to face new rivals, with Norwegian about to launch flights to Dubai from Scandinavia. “We will just have to deal with it,” he said.
Technology is “the bedrock” of what Emirates intends to do, with Clark describing IT as “legacy” compared to new digital platforms.
“Things are still in their infancy, but boy, is it going to come,” he said. “Front of house is going to be completely different. It’s not just about bundling and unbundling, we can learn a lot more about you [the consumer]. I’m looking to see a suite of products coming through.”