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Gunnar Garfors (second from left)

Norwegian man sets round-the-world record

Passenger sets new Guinness World Record for travelling the world on scheduled flights.

Together with two friends from the Netherlands, a Norwegian traveller has set a new Guinness World Record for flying around the world on scheduled aircraft.

Media personality Gunnar Garfors, television and radio host Erik de Zwart and entrepreneur Ronald Haanstra circumnavigated the globe via the six inhabited continents faster than anyone else has ever done.

It took them 56 hours and 56 minutes in planes and airports to get from Sydney back to Sydney.

The journey was 43,000 kilometres long with stops in Santiago, Panama, Madrid, Algeria and Dubai. The three travellers tried to break the record last year, but the final plane missed the target by four minutes.

“We have broken the old world record by nine hours and 35 minutes. So now we’ll celebrate with a kebab and some beers here in Sydney,” Garfors told NRK news.

Qantas carried them to Santiago, with 55 minutes between flights before Copa took them to Panama. Qantas had departed 38 minutes late but a tailwind meant they landed early in the Chilean capital.

Iberia took the passengers to Madrid and Algiers. A woman fainted on the Panama-Madrid flight, possibly necessitating an emergency landing, but “luckily she was fine”, Garfors said.

Emirates flew them to Dubai and then on to Sydney where they landed four minutes ahead of schedule.

But why?
“But why the hell did we do it?” he asks. “I’ll let Ronald answer.”

“We did this to have fun, to inspire people to explore the world and to show that even big dreams can come true. Travelling 43,000 kilometres at an average speed of 750 km/h, with loads of good stories thrown in, has made this the ultimate boys’ trip,” said Haanstra.

The three also raised money for the Simple Drinking Water Foundation in the UK, which provides clean water technology to developing countries.

Garfors has already visited every country in the world. In 2012, he and a friend, Adrian Butterworth, set a new record as they became the first to visit five continents in a single day.

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