Norwegian marketing targets “least travelled”

Ten winners to fly to New York on new 787 Dreamliner

In a campaign that reached out to Norway’s least well-travelled citizens, winners have been chosen for ten pairs of free tickets to New York with Norwegian’s new 787 Dreamliner on September 3.

The airline says it received more than 2,400 nominations. The carrier’s chief executive, Bjorn Kjos, will join the winners on one of the first flights.

The winners come from all over the country, and although most have been in Sweden or Denmark before, some have never been outside Norway. Many have never been on a plane or owned a passport. Some have held back because of a fear of flying, while others have been prevented by little time or tight economy.

Among the winners is Jeanett Rinden from the town of Moss, who was nominated by her little sister who thought it was time that, at the age of 25, she got to see a bit of the world. Jeanett says she had never imagined she would travel so far away from home.

[image courtesy Norwegian]