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Norwegian aircraft at Helsinki-Vantaa (photo: Finavia)

Norwegian plane in serious incident in Helsinki

An aircraft operated by Norwegian lands, despite being told to go around so another plane could leave the runway.

Finland’s Safety Investigation Authority, or Onnettomuustutkintakeskus, has started a preliminary investigation into a potentially dangerous incident at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport on January 18.

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900 from Istanbul had landed safely on the runway as scheduled, but the aircraft took longer than expected to vacate the runway, Aviation24 reports.

At the same time, the next aircraft to land, a Boeing 737 operated by Norwegian arriving from Krakow was fast approaching.

Instructions ignored
Finnish air traffic control requested that the pilots of the Norwegian aircraft delay landing and go around again, but these instructions were ignored.

The Norwegian plane continued its approach and landed anyway, though there were no further incidents.

“The Safety Investigation Authority has launched a preliminary investigation into an aviation incident on the evening of 18.1 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Despite the possibility of danger, a passenger aircraft landed on a reserved runway where a second passenger aircraft had just landed,” the authority said in a statement on Twitter.

The incident comes a year after two similar hazardous events occurred at Helsinki-Vantaa.

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