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Photo: Norwegian

Norwegian reveals more South America plans

The airline plans flights between South America and Asia, and is also in talks to launch low-cost flights in Brazil.

Norwegian plans to fly between South America and Asia with stops along the way in Australia. Permission to fly to Australia is in place. Meanwhile, it is also in discussions to launch a low-cost carrier in Brazil.

Not letting its losses get in the way, flying around the world with Norwegian may be possible in a few years if it goes ahead with new plans to start flights between South America and Asia via Australia.

The airline has given permission to start flights between the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and Perth on Australia’s west coast, according to the newspaper the West Australian. It has also applied for permission to fly from Perth to Singapore.

The director of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Australia told businesspeople in Perth last week about the plans, at a meeting where Argentina’s ambassador was also present, the paper writes.

Norwegian opened a route between London Gatwick and Singapore last year and, more recently, between Gatwick and Buenos Aires, so round-the-world tickets on the airline may soon be a reality.

The 12,600-kilometre route between Buenos Aires and Perth would, according to the West Australian, run along the edge of Antarctica to take advantage of the wind conditions.

Argentina and Brazil
Norwegian’s first Boeing 737-800 arrived in Argentina in mid-January and at the end of the same month the subsidiary Norwegian Air Argentina formally received its operating license from the country’s aviation authorities.

It expects to launch the first low-cost flights on the South American continent this spring. By the end of the year, Norwegian Air Argentina anticipates having 10 to 12 Boeing 737-800s, all of which will be fitted with 189 seats and on-board wi-fi.

The company also has plans for a low-cost carrier in Brazil, according to an article in the Brazilian financial newspaper Valor Econômico. Representatives from Norwegian will meet next month with the country’s transport ministry and civil aviation agency.

Dublin-New York
In the meantime, closer to home, Norwegian is continuing its Ireland expansion with double-daily Dublin-New York flights. This will add a further 66,000 seats to the route to Stewart International Airport, about 100 kilometres north of Manhattan.

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