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Norwegian Boeing 737 (photo: © Thorbjørn Brunander Sund,

Norwegian starts Argentina ticket sales

Norwegian Air Argentina has launched the domestic sales in a highly challenging environment for the country.

Norwegian Air Argentina has opened ticket sales for its first two domestic routes, and four more routes are on their way. Return tickets are costing less than €16.

Times are hard right now in Argentina, with high inflation of up to 60% and a run on the banks, necessitating emergency assistance from the International Monetary Fund.

In this challenging environment, Norwegian Air Argentina has launched its ticket sales, with flights due to start as soon as October 16, reports.

It will be possible to fly from Buenos Aires’ Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Airport to Córdoba and Mendoza.

Then, in the course of a few weeks, tickets will go on sale for flights to Iguazu, Bariloche, Neuquén and Salta. All of these domestic flights will be operated with a Boeing 737-800 equipped with seating for 186 passengers.

Ticket prices start at 699 Argentine pesos including taxes and fees for a return ticket from Buenos Aires to Córdoba, which – at the moment – converts to €15.50.

The distance between Buenos Aires and Córdoba is 653 kilometres, which corresponds to the distance between, say, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.

“Huge potential”
“Argentina has huge potential for development for the aviation industry as well as for the integration of the economy,” claims Ole Christian Melhus, managing director of Norwegian Air Argentina.

“The purpose of Norwegian Air Argentina’s plans for the country is to help achieve that goal by offering reasonable prices to all, aboard a modern aircraft fleet with the highest standards of safety and innovation.”

The price model will be the same as on European routes, where the ticket types are divided into LowFare, LowFare+ and Flex, where all passengers are in the same cabin. This means paying extra for luggage, food and drinks as well as seat selection.

It looks like more is to come. Norwegian plans to create between 3,000 and 4,000 jobs in Argentina over the next five to eight years. Last year, Norwegian Air Argentina received permission from the Argentinian authorities to operate up to 72 domestic routes and 80 international routes.

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