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Photo: Norwegian

Norwegian takes up SAS slack in Norway

Since the beginning of the SAS pilot strike on April 26, Norwegian has offered a larger number of flights to meet the demand of passengers experiencing cancellations.

While the SAS strike has caused the cancellation of a total of more than 1,200 flights, Norwegian has added eight extra domestic departures for Monday and 14 for Tuesday.

The Oslo-Tromsø route alone has been increased by four extra departures Monday, according to Norwegian.

During the first two days of the week there will be extra flights in both directions on the routes Oslo-Trondheim, Oslo-Bodø, Oslo-Bergen and Oslo-Stavanger.

Jan Levi Skogvang, head of the pilot trade union Scandinavian Norge Flygerforening, told the news agency NTB on Friday that he felt positive about Norwegian putting in extra departures.

“We don’t want to hit third parties, that is, the passengers. It’s helpful that Norwegian has the capacity to set up extra departures,” he said.

But SAS has other ideas concerning these warm words about the competitor, according to Information Manager Knut Morten Johansen. He told Flysmart24 that he did not dispute the pilots’ right to strike and reacted to the fact that they appear to support Norwegian, which he believed was exploiting the situation.

Skogvang, on the other hand, said he did not regret the statement and added that it was in support of the passengers and not of the airline.

Increased pricing
SAS passengers looking for other companies to travel with when the strike began on Friday had found few flights and higher prices.

“Prices are regulated as usual by supply and demand. We are now experiencing an extraordinary increase, and so it is quite natural that the prices be adjusted,’’ said Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, communications director of Norwegian.

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