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Kronovalls Wine Castle, Miriam Preis / imagebank.sweden.se

Norwegians ditch Spain for Scandinavia

The hot weather last year is persuading Norwegians to journey to the ‘near abroad’ instead of the Mediterranean.

Norwegians’ enthusiasm for travel remains high, but this coming summer more people are planning to replace holiday favourites like Spain with countries much closer to home.

Around seven in ten Norwegians are planning to take a summer vacation this year, a figure that has remained stable since 2013 according to recent figures from a survey by trade body Virke, Norway Today reports.

Of those taking a summer holiday this year, 60% intend to go abroad, which is lower this year than last year. But the biggest change is in the destinations.

“People continue to travel to charter favourites such as Greece, Croatia and Italy, but the figures show that more people will be taking their holidays abroad in Scandinavia this year,” says Astrid Bergmål, head of Virke Reiseliv.

“Spain is still a holiday favourite, but more than before plan to change Spain with Sweden or Denmark.”

Sweden and Denmark
According to the survey, 29% aim to spend all or part of their summer holidays in Spain, 5% fewer than last year. But the number making the trip to Sweden and Denmark is rising by 4% and 5%, respectively.

At the same time, the figures show that Norway as a destination itself is still strong. The vast majority of those having a summer holiday plan to stay in Norway, either for the entire holiday or combined with a trip abroad.

The growing interest in Scandinavia is probably due to the hot and dry summer last year, according to Bergmål. “Much indicates that last year’s tropical heat has affected holiday plans,” she says.

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