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Norwegian’s last 737-800 delivery as MAX era starts

The airline takes delivery of its 100th direct-buy Boeing 737-800, an aircraft type that is already being replaced.

Norwegian has taken delivery of its 100th direct-buy Boeing 737-800 aircraft, the last of this aircraft type to be taken into its fleet. But already it is “marking the end of an era” for the airline.

The low-cost carrier originally ordered 42 of the planes in 2007 and leased 26 of the aircraft between 2008 and 2016. The airline now has a total of 118 737-800 aircraft in its fleet.

The final delivery “marks the end of an era for Norwegian,” said Bjørn Kjos, Norwegian’s chief executive.

“When we first introduced the Boeing 737-800 aircraft to our fleet 11 years ago, we did so because it was a modern aircraft with a record of reliability, fuel efficiency and low operating costs,” he explained.

“Now, at the dawn of a new era, our fleet expansion will continue with more environmentally friendly aircraft as we prepare to take delivery of more than 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft over the next few years.”

To the MAX
Norwegian took delivery last year of the first six of a total of 110 737 MAX aircraft it has on order. These initial aircraft were used to launch routes between the north-eastern United States and six European destinations, primarily in Ireland.

The 737 MAX is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than its predecessor, and after operating it since last July, Norwegian confirms that it burns 18% less fuel than the 737-800.

With this newer aircraft type, Norwegian says it will be able to cut operating costs because of its fuel efficiency, seat capacity and overall range.

The carrier will take delivery of 12 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in 2018, which will allow it to launch additional medium-haul routes throughout its global network.

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