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Norwegians: Spain this Easter, or the cabin?

Almost half of all Norwegians will take a holiday this Easter – but many of these holidaymakers will simply be heading to their cabins.

The holiday cabin is still Norway’s favourite retreat. While almost four out of 10 say they are going to take an Easter holiday this year, according to a Virke (Enterprise Federation of Norway) population survey, exactly half of them will visit a private cabin in Norway.

“Most people choose a cabin rather than anything else at Easter,” confirms Line Endresen Normann, director of Virke Travel Norway.

“Record amounts of snow have set the conditions for cabin holidays in the mountains this year. Now we just hope that the weather is on our side, no matter where the holidays are spent,” she said.

The percentage of all Norwegians opting to stay at home at Easter is 22%, while another 20% say they are going to visit friends or family.

“Many people use Easter to visit family and celebrate and do cultural activities in small towns and cities,” Normann says.

“This is the holiday where we prioritise family and friends the most strongly – only surpassed by the Christmas holiday. It’s also the vacation where activities are on the agenda.”

Spain and Sweden
But this still leaves a substantial number of Norwegians travelling out of the country this spring.

“23% of those taking Easter holidays this year state that they are going abroad. Spain and Sweden are foreign favourites for the season,” says Robert Hval Straumann, Virke’s head of division for worldwide trade and travel.

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