Nothing to worry about in security check

Don’t be afraid of magnetic fields or rubber gloves
Malfunctioning pacemakers, rubber gloves, endless queues… Security checks make most passengers a little nervous, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of, assures Finavia’s security services supervisor Joni Pekkanen.
For the majority of flight passengers, going through security is a stressful part of the journey. Standing in line makes your palms sweat and your mind starts to wonder whether you’ve packed alarm-triggering items in your hand luggage.
In an airport blog post, Pekkanen debunks a few myths. Myth #1: A security check takes hours. Fact: It can feel unending, but in reality the average waiting time at security takes only six minutes at Helsinki Airport. Or a maximum of 20 minutes at peak hours.
Myth #2: Forbidden items will stop your journey in its tracks. Fact: Security officers are there to serve customers and will not arrest passengers for unintentionally packing prohibited items.
Myth #3: The metal detector is harmful to your health. Fact: The magnetic field is so weak it will not cause any health risks even for frequent or daily flyers, and fears of magnetic energy interfering with artificial pacemakers are exaggerated, Pekkanen clarifies.
Myth #4: “Rubber gloves and bending over” are a part of the security check procedure. Fact: Although you may have seen this in a movie, security agents will not take passengers aside and perform cavity searches using rubber gloves in the hope of locating contraband items. At least, not at Helsinki Airport.
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