Off with your shoes at Copenhagen Airport

New security between US and EU in force in November

New security rules between the US and the EU mean that from November 6 passengers’ passage through the gates may take a little more time. Each EU member state can decide for itself whether to join the scheme, and Denmark and Sweden are among those that have.
“We must be a little more careful with passengers’ footwear,” Copenhagen Airport’s head of security, Johnnie Müller, tells Standby. “So it will become necessary that if you go through the security check and it rings to go back and take off your shoes or boots.”
He adds: “We have run some tests and believe that we can keep it down to approximately 5% of the passengers. We are fully aware that it is probably women with boots and shoes with a little metal that may have to go through again. We are expanding the area with benches and offer passengers the familiar blue plastic coating around their feet. All in all, we do not believe that it will significantly increase the time it takes to go through security.”
The average time for security in Copenhagen is currently between two and three minutes in the queue.
[pictured: CPH Terminal 3; photo courtesy Copenhagen Airports]

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