OFT bans debit card charges

Travellers will see a clearer price structure

The Office of Fair Trading (UK) ruling intends to enforce consumer protection regulations to prevent travel companies from adding charges to debit card purchases on flights, holidays and other travel related products.
Bob Atkinson, from travelsupermarket.com, said that charges imposed need to be reasonable and on a percentage basis as opposed to a per person charge.
The ruling will affect low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet, which have steadily increased their charges over recent years. According to the OFT, consumers paid an extra £300 million for their travel in 2009 as a result of these charges.
At the moment, Ryanair charges £6 per passenger, per leg of each when booked on either debit or credit card. EasyJet charges £8 for a debit card transaction, and £8 plus a 2.5 per cent fee for a credit card transaction.
Credit card operations and pricing structure will also be made more transparent.
TravelWeekly, The Telegraph