Oil price hits cruise lines, tour operators

Fuel surcharges likely to be seen across the travel industry

It’s not just airlines that are getting badly bruised by the rising cost of oil. Bus and coach companies are also starting to introduce fuel surcharges. Airlines themselves are likely to further increase their own fuel surcharges, industry analysts say. But this means that tour operators are struggling to overcome the hurdle of high air fares in finalising summer holiday bookings. And not only are sales tougher to close, if their cost predictions are too low many operators are also choosing to absorb the higher fuel costs themselves rather than pass it on to clients.
No fuel surcharges have yet been implemented by major cruise lines, but this could change. Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, charged a “fuel supplement” from June to December 2008. Oil prices are quickly returning to 2008 levels in 2012.
Travel Weekly
[photo courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line]


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