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Oktoberfest beer exceeds €11 for first time

A fast-rising tax imposed by the city of Munich is pushing up the cost of a litre of beer.

For the first time, a one-litre tankard of beer in some tents at Oktoberfest will cost more than €11 at this year’s event, the city of Munich has announced.

The price of a typical Bavarian Maß, as the quantity is called, will hover between €10.70 and €11.50, which is about 3.5% more than last year, the news agency DPA and The Local report.

The main reason for the price rise is the higher lease that beer tent owners will have to pay the city. The tax was only introduced last year to pay for increased security, but now it is rising 53%, tent spokesman Peter Inselkammer said.

Prices for non-alcoholic drinks at the event, which is due to take place from September 22 to October 7, will be about the same as last year on average – a litre of bottled water for around €8.70 and soft drinks for about €9.25. They may even decline as tent owners make more of an effort this year to show that they are family friendly.

Stuttgart competitor
The beer poured at the Munich event is brewed especially for the festival – usually with more original gravity and a higher alcohol content.

However, security worries and overcrowding in recent years have been enough to persuade many beer lovers to visit Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Volksfest instead of Oktoberfest.

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