Older Brits want to travel to Nordics

Older travellers are becoming more adventurous
New research shows that older Brits spend almost a fifth of their disposal income on their holidays as they become more adventurous.
Saga, a provider of products and services for customers over the age of 50, said that more than 9,000 people aged 50 or over filled out an online form in December.
The new research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research shows that the average person now spends 17% of their disposable income on holidays.
In addition, the online questionnaire revealed that people’s bucket lists are becoming increasingly adventurous, with 26% wanting to see the Northern Lights, 16% eyeing up a luxury cruise, and the same proportion considering visiting Australia and New Zealand.
“The research shows that as customers have wanted to push the boundaries with their travel, the industry has continued to innovate – whether that’s to meet their needs or to inspire travellers to try new and exciting destinations or ways to travel – or to ensure they are fully protected when they do,” said Maria Whiteman, managing director of Saga Holidays.
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