Older couple wanted for Mars tourism

Couple would live in confined space for two years

The Inspiration Mars Foundation, led by millionaire and “space tourist” Dennis Tito, is looking for a “tested couple” to send to Mars and back on a privately funded mission planned for launch in January 2018. The project ideally wants an older couple whose strong relationship would endure the stress of living together in a confined environment for two years. The group expects to raise all the necessary funding for the mission.
One of the people involved with the project, Jane Poynter, told BBC News that the mission would be “challenging” for the couple, who should be “resilient people that would be able to maintain a happy upbeat attitude in the face of adversity” and middle-aged because their health and fertility would be less affected by radiation. The couple would get extensive training and psychological support.
[pictured: Mars, as taken by the Spirit rover; courtesy NASA]