Olympics double room prices in London

Some countries register big price rises, others big falls

Hotel rooms in London this summer will cost more than double what they did last year, according to an annual study by Hotels.com, which is part of the Expedia group. A booking for a hotel room made in March 2012 for August is 102% higher on average than a booking made in the same months in 2011. That contrasts with a worldwide increase in the cost of a room of 4% between 2010 and 2011. The average cost of a room in the UK capital will be €255 this summer.
Hotel rooms in Athens in 2012 are booking at 10% less than what they were in 2011. There have also been price falls in places like Japan (Hiroshima 16% less, Kyoto 11% less), Egypt (22% less), Tunisia (down 9%), Lebanon, which borders Syria, (down 21%) and Qatar (down 27%).
But strong economies have pushed the average hotel price up in Australia (+13%), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (+13%) and Hong Kong (+18%).
[pictured: Surroundings near InterContinental Hotel London – Paddington; courtesy IHG]